Roll Tide

Hello, I remembered my WordPress password!!! I can post again!!!! Today’s post is on college football.

So if you care JMU my favorite FCS team made it to the championship game again and this time it will be against North Dakota State. It is gonna be tough for both teams because they are both amazing.

I just witnessed one of the best college football moments of my life when Georgia came back and won the game against Oklahoma in the second overtime.

And I am currently watching the Clemson Vs Alabama game. It is a good game so far.

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Baseball or Football?

Hey guys, 

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted. But anyways I’ll get to the point of the post. I am wondering if you like baseball or football better. I like watching football. But I like playing baseball and football the same. If you have an opinion please tell me in a comment. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. My favorite football team is the Washington Redskins. Again feel free to let me know in the comments if you have an opinion. As of now I have a challenge for you. The Challenge for you to play baseball or football after you are done reading this post. If you would like to follow my other blog click here

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Hi there. ย If you remember my latest post, you probably know I went to watch the JMU game in Frisco, Texas. My trip was awesome, but the highlight of my trip was THE FCS WIN FOR THE DUKES!ย The game was awesome. The first punt for Youngstown wasย blocked by JMU! It was so cool, especially sinceย the announcer said “I see a river of red (Youngstown St), and a SEA OF PURPLE (JMU)! Overall, both teams played well, but JMUย played a little better in order to win the championship. After the game, all of the JMUย fans ran onto the field, including me and my dad. Being on the field after the game was awesome. I saw some HUGE players walk by, and the trophy was awesome!



Go Dukes!

Hi there fellow sports fans! If you have read my older posts then you probably know Iย LOVE JMU football. Well, here’s the scoop: JMU is in the NCAA FCS Championship in Frisco, Texas. I am so excited for JMU, especially since it is Mike Houston’s (the JMU coach) first year with the Dukes. I was on the way home from basketball practice today and my dad told me I had one more Christmas present to open (I had asked him on Christmas eve to save a present for me to open after Christmas). Anyways, I was in my room and my dad came and told me that I should open that last Christmas present, so I did. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two game tickets and plane tickets to Frisco, Texas. I am so excited! I wanted so much for my dad and I to go to Frisco, I’m so happy my dream became reality!

Go Dukes,


The Big game!

I am so exited for tonight! Can you guess why? There are two reasons. #1 it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m partying with Joshua from Joshua’s sports blog, and because Ohio State vs Clemson(#gotigers), and my favorite team Alabama plays Washington(#rolltide). Here’s some facts about the Ohio state game…… Lee Corso picked Ohio state to win, ๐Ÿ˜‚ which means Clemson will win, and Clemson has been to the playoffs two times in a row. Here’s some facts about the Alabama game…… Lee Corso picked Washington, ๐Ÿ˜‚ which means that Alabama will win, and Alabama is the only team that has been to the playoffs all three times. 

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Cubs World Title!

Alright my name is Luke, I’m from 3016. We are so tired of waiting for the Cubs to win the World Series. It has been 1000 years. The last time they won was vs the Indians in 2016. Anyways I hope you have a good day, bye. Hi it’s me rog the rog or Luke the…… no actually it’s Luke not Luke the Luke. Anyways I have been waiting so long for the Cubs to go to the World Series. And guess what….. they’re in it (If you are a sports fan you probably should know). Anyways I encourage you to go to your local Taco Bell and get a free Doritos locos taco on November 2nd because if they steal a base, you steal a taco. This post is brought to you by the kid who forgot to post for a month, his name is……..Rog, Luke, Me, Myself, I. Anyways if you like my sports talk I very much encourage you to follow this blog.

Anyways I would talk more but I have to watch the big game. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Go Cubs,

Rog, Luke, me, myself, I โšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธโšพ๏ธ

Today’s lesson is on: JMU footballย 

Hey it’s Rog,

Today I’m here to knowledge you about JMU football. Here are the basics. JMU is a    FCS football team. They are a pretty good team. Here is a little coach history…..

Mike Huston (current head coach)

Evert Withers (coach before M.H)

Mickey Matthews (coach before E.W)

Alex Wood (coach before M.M)

Rip Sherer (coach before A.W)

Joe Purzycki (coach before R.S)

Challace McMillin (coach before J.P)

That is JMU’s coach history. More facts JMU’s very own Charles Haley was the only player to win five Super Bowl rings and an inductee the College Football Hall Of  Fame and the Pro football hall of fame. Another JMU football player Gary Clark former Redskins pro bowl wide receiver. Also JMU player Scott Norwood was the Buffalo bills all time leading scorer. There are many other JMU football players in the NFL (like Arthur Motes). So that is JMU NFL history. If you want to know something else about JMU comment and I will see what I can do. 

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That was a close one ๐Ÿ˜

Hey it’s Rog,

I am very sad. Can you guess why I am sad? I am sad because the Redskins lost vs the Cowboys (there rival team) 27-23. It was a close game, I think both teams played well. One reason we lost….. 1. Kirk Cousins over threw Desean Jackson and various receivers multiple times. Number two….. We just weren’t good enough to win. Number three……. two of our best lineman got hurt. I wish the Redskins better luck next time!

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Go Dukes!ย 

Hi again. I am reporting live from the JMU game (on tv). They just got a first down. They scored before UNC and then UNC did and that was the pattern until it was 21-21 and JMU lost the ball, and had to punt on 4th down. So now the score is 28-21, UNC is winning. I am very happy we aren’t getting crushed! JMU just got the ball and got a huge first down! The final score of the Miami Hurricanes was 45-10 vs App state. I was happy Miami won, they are my favorite FBS team. It is 3rd and 6 and JMU is about to get a first in goal! Oh man that was close and very sad JMU missed it because the QB tried to run it. They are going for a 40 yard field goal. Oh no he missed it. If you are wondering why I’m narrorating it, it’s because I’m watching it live.
Go Dukes,